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Coming this June!
Mindfulness and Wellbeing Master Class

If you didn't get to learn about Mindfulness and Positive Psychology strategies when you were young, now is the time!


This series of 4 online workshops is open to anyone who is looking for practical ways to support their wellbeing in everyday life. Attend all four online workshops or choose the one or two that you are most interested in, it is up to you! 

The Mindfulness and Wellbeing Master Class includes;

- Part 1- An introduction to the concept of mindfulness and meditation and includes practical mindfulness exercises to try that support your wellbeing.

- Part 2- A deeper dive into the science behind mindfullness and benefits of meditation, where you will be provided with a series of exercises to utilise as part of your self-care routines. 

-Part 3- Practical ways to improve resilience and develop an understanding of your own individual character strengths.

-Part 4- Understanding the benefits of gratitude practices, developing growth mindset principles and practicing self-compassion. We all could do with a little more kindness to ourselves. 

Our first series will begin in June. To check out all the details, head to the What's On page!

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Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching is an opportunity to ask a qualified teacher the questions that you may not get the chance to ask your child's own classroom teacher.


Maybe they have started Prep and your not sure if what they are experiencing is normal; or how can you further support your child to develop problem solving skills to find friends on the playground. Sarah is available for 1:1 parent coaching to further support your parenting and your child's wellbeing.


With the experience of 15 years teaching in a variety of year levels and school settings, this is a fantastic option for parents to gain further ideas and support when helping their own children navigate their daily challenges.


Coaching sessions can be done via Zoom, phone or if possible in person. A free 20 minute chat is available to begin your parent coaching sessions. 


21 Day Mindfulness Challenge 

Have you started a mindfulness practice but don't always commit to regular and consistent practice? MKM's 21 day Mindfulness Challange is for you!

More details to come in 2022! Subscribe to be the first to know when our first challenge will begin!

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Happy Families

Having your children completing Peaceful Kids at the same time, is a great opportunity for the whole family to learn together.

Participating in one of our online adult workshops is a great chance to support your wellbeing as well as your childrens.

Discounts are available when making a booking for both adult and children's programs. 

Mindfulness Family

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Mindfulness is more than just a “buzzword.” It’s about being present and giving each task your full attention.  Taking the time to listen and understand your child’s problems, promotes trust and emotional connection leading to a richer and more authentic relationship.

Professor Lea Waters