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Mindful Kids Melbourne is here to support the wellbeing of children and their families through positive psychology-based mindfulness practices. MKM provides mental health and wellbeing support for children and caregivers, that will assist with life-long learning and development of resilient problem-solving adults. 

​My vision is that every child is emotionally literate, resilient and knowledgeable in a variety of mindfulness and wellbeing strategies to help them cope with any situation in life.

​Our mission is to develop awareness of the crucial role that mindfulness and wellbeing plays in a children’s development and then teach strategies, to both children and parents, that utilise these practices, in a fun and safe environment.



Kindness - To act with kindness always, in our thoughts, words and actions


Gratitude - To be grateful for the wonderful opportunities life presents


Compassion - To model compassion and empathy of others and their experiences 


Individuality - To accept that we are all unique and to respect people's differences 


Playfulness - That you are never to old to have fun, play and live life with zest and laughter

We value


Hi, I'm Sarah and a teacher with 16 years’ experience and I am passionate about the social and emotional education of young people and helping them develop a positive mental health and wellbeing.


Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and Student Wellbeing have become a true passion of mine. As an educator I believe teaching children about mindfulness and promoting positive wellbeing from a young age leads to positive outcomes and the development of resilience and problem solving strategies in children that they will take with them throughout their lives.


Out of this passion Mindful Kids Melbourne was created to provide the broader community with an opportunity to learn about mindfulness and positive psychology strategies and the benefits to our mental health and wellbeing.


​I have seen a real positive change in the students I have taught and have received feedback from parents attesting to this. Supporting children and their wellbeing in their early years is significant in their development as resilient and successful adults.


Is it time for some


Mindful Kids Melbourne is not just for kids, we provide opportunities for parents and adults to support their own wellbeing too! 

Has the mental load of parenting left you feeling exhausted?


Are you ready for your own time and self care?  


MKM offers online and onsite workshops to support your wellbeing.

Mindful Kids Melbourne

The present moment is full of joy and happiness

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